News: 2 December, 2019

I finally finished, and uploaded, the new and vastly improved “Orientation for Continuing Beginners 1: Alignment Overview.” The new version is just a new edit of the old video, but now it is fully captioned (off to the side, where the titles don’t obscure the feet at the bottom of the screen), and it also has a nice cover image and title card. At least for me, captions make a night-and-day difference in my ability to focus on and retain the presented information. I hope it helps to make the information more useful for you too. And, for you super-optimized self-actualized types, the download with the program will unlock a way to watch the video at double speed. (This replaces the old “Extreme Knowledge Blast” version.) Yes, I am giving you the option to watch the 24-minute program in only 12 minutes, so that you may recoup 12 minutes of your day for other endeavors. Imagine the possibilities! You could use the time to:

  • crochet that unfinished baby blanket for your niece who is actually now in her sophomore year at Bowdoin but will still probably appreciate the effort;
  • try to better understand German declension;
  • read the Wikipedia article on Cuir Bouilli (highlight: “armour based on hide has the unique advantage that it can, in extremis, provide some nutrition”, when actually boiled. Josephus records that the Jewish defenders in the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 were reduced to eating their shields and other leather kit, as was the Spanish expedition of Tristan de Luna in 1559.)
  • Or?…

Next, I’m taking a moment to add an email list signup functionality to this site. Then, after that, part 2 of the Orientation for Continuing Beginners series, Footwork Overview, will get the same treatment. Footwork overview is 37 minutes long, which means you could have another 18.5 minute windfall in your future.

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