Streaming Belly Dance Classes with Autumn Ward

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To unlock your star power, dance smarter. This is belly dance instruction for smart cookies. Like you! I (Autumn Ward) teach clean versatile technique, adaptable to cultural, tribal, and fusion styles.

A $19.99 monthly subscription unlocks access to all programs. Or pay for one program at a time with 10-day rentals. To get started, simply choose a program, and click “Purchase Options for this Video.” Subscriptions include a 7-day free trial; if the studio is not right for you, you may cancel and you will not be charged.

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Program Types: Step-by-step movement breakdowns are grouped in the Athenaeum. Workshops focus on a specific topic. Classes and courses build and maintain general skills: classes are self-contained programs, whereas courses comprise individual modules, meant to be taken in order. Technique Drills are specialized classes that do not include choreography or combinations. Programs that do not break for explanation are tagged nonstop flow format.

Program Levels: If you are brand new to belly dance, start with the Absolute Beginner Course. Open level programs contain content that may be useful to dancers at any skill level. If you are unsure about what level of program would be useful for you, please see the curriculum page.

Short trailers are available for many programs. Look for the “view preview” option on the embedded video, and click for a clip, or in some cases a longer introduction.

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Some of the programs on this platform are sold elsewhere, but this site is my personal distribution hub, and the premiere platform for my content. Notably, my video player supports chaptered content, so you can go directly to (and repeat) sections of a program. For many programs, choreography notes are exclusively available through this platform (available as downloads with your subscription or rental). And, when you choose to stream or rent through this website, you directly and most effectively fund my work, which in turn allows me to make more videos for you. 

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