Glide-Anchor-Pull: “To Morocco With the Stars,” Combo 3

After a short warmup and technique flow, learn and practice a little over a minute of easy-paced choreography with three distinct sections: gliding travel steps and turns; an earthy shimmy; and slow sinuous vertical-plane up figure-8s. This 48-minute class is suggested for dancers at or above a low intermediate level. Our music is “To Morocco With the Stars” from the album My House is the Sky by Mundi, starting at the 1:51 mark. Glide-Anchor-Pull is part of a series using the “To Morocco” music, but each program in the series is designed to stand on its own, and the classes need not be taken in order.

Bookmarks for Glide-Anchor-Pull:

0:00 Warmup
4:31 Technique Flow
12:04 Demo, back to camera
12:05 Music: “To Morocco With the Stars” by Mundi
13:20 Step-by-Step Combo 3
16:51 Style notes Combo 3
21:12 Practice Combo 3
23:17 Step-by-Step Combo 2
27:18 Style notes Combo 2
28:06 Practice Combo 2
30:17 Footwork Flow
37: 30 Step-by-Step Combo 1
41:40 Practice Combo 1
44:24 Practice Full Choreography Excerpt

Other music used in this program:

0:01 “Lessa Faker” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 1– Ala Nar by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes
8:13 “Ciftetelli Takasim 2” from the album Bellydance New York by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar
30:18 “Ganil Hawa” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 2 – Inta Omri by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes

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