Category: Level 4 Intermediate


“The River” Lesson 1 of 4

In our first lesson, we look at about the first minute of choreography, which we will break out into 3 combos. (No veil this time! Veilwork begins in Lesson 3.) Bookmarks 0:08 Arm Technique...


“The River” Lesson 2 of 4

Moving forward, we learn two new combinations and complete the first half of the choreography. Bookmarks 0:08 Arm Technique Flow8:03 Technique Flow36:18 Demo Combos 4 and 537:55 Combo 4: Demo38:21 Combo 4: Step-by-Step42:32 Combo...


“The River” Lesson 3 of 4

This lesson covers the first half of our veil choreography. Bookmarks for Lesson 3 0:11 Arm Technique Flow8:15 Technique Flow22:08 Veil Notes Learn more about Sleestak paws here. 22:50 Veil Technique Flow27:43 Demo28:27 Veil...