Elastic Fantastic: “To Morocco With the Stars,” Combo 1

We prepare with a short warmup and technique flow, then learn and practice a detailed 32-count combo. Our vocabulary today includes undulations and circles, and our sequence emphasizes elastic phrasing, drawing out the timing of preparations then “snapping” back in.

Elastic Fantastic is a quick 35-minute class for dancers at or above a low intermediate level. The music is “To Morocco With the Stars” from the album My House is the Sky by Mundi, starting at about the one-minute mark. This program is part of a series using the “To Morocco” music, but each class in the series is designed to stand on its own, and the classes need not be taken in order.

Other music used in this program:

1:34 “The Fire Circle” from the album Sea Spirits by Jesse Manno
4:49 “Ra Returns” from the album Beautiful Earth by Bella Gaia8:53 “Azzuri” from the album Lavender by Middle Earth Ensemble

Bookmarks for Elastic Fantastic

0:00 Intro
1:09 Demo
1:33 Warmup
8:52 Technique Flow
22:40 Step-by-Step
26:19 Slow Speed Practice
28:20 Slow Speed Practice other side
30:26 Medium Speed Practice
32:37 Medium Speed Practice other side
35:59 Full Speed Practice
38:22 Full Speed Practice other side

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