Veil Technique Flow

Use this nonstop flow format program:

  • to practice veilwork vocabulary and transitions;
  • to learn four veil combinations;
  • to build fluency with pivots and turns;
  • for meditative follow-along dance fitness;
  • to increase the range of motion in your shoulders;
  • to build upper body strength.

The vocabulary used in the flow will work best with a three-yard silk veil. We start at a slow tempo, running building blocks, then combos, then the combos in sequence. From there, we progress to medium-tempo music, then finish very uptempo. Choreography notes for the combinations are attached. (Download with your rental or subscription).

Working with faster music requires very strong technique, so this class is categorized as Intermediate-Level. However, earlier parts of the class should be accessible to newer dancers, so if you are still progressing, you may wish to try the class and simply take it as far as is useful for you at this time. Program length is 31 minutes, not including a warmup. Before you begin, please prepare with one of the warmup programs here.

If, instead of this follow-along program, what you are looking for is step-by-step instruction on veilwork, the program you want instead is Veil Masterclass.

Bookmarks for Veil Technique Flow

:01 Close-open variations
3:00 Crossovers
4:34 Front toss
5:01 Walk
5:48 Cross-pivot out ball-change
6:48 Combo 1
8:29 Combo 2
10:59 Combo 3
14:20 Combo 4
15:55 Superset
18:07 Music (mid-tempo): “Bir Demet Yasemin,” Bellydance NY
25:06 Music (uptempo) “Mustafa ya Mustafa,” Bellydance NY

Music Used in Veil Technique Flow

0:01″Karuna” from the album Star Of The Sea by Stellamara
18:07 “Bir Demet Yasemin” from the album Bellydance New York by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar
26:06 “Mustafa ya Mustafa” from the album Bellydance New York by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar

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