The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is a resource library. It currently contains:

Wrist and Hand Movement Breakdowns

“Wrist and Hand Movement Breakdowns” starts with an optional warmup that leads into a 7-part series: Hand Position; Isolated Outside Hand Circle; Sweeping Wrist Articulation; Hand Circle Outside with a Moving Wrist; Hand Circle Inside; Hand Undulation; and Wrist Circles.

Persian Snap

Rib Cage Isolations, Backbends, and Sways

“Rib Cage Isolations, Backbends, and Sways,” another series, at this time covers: Chest Lift, Drop, and Accent; Rib Cage Circles; Backbending Safety; Small Thoracic Backbend; Tilting Back from the Knees; “Easy” Turkish Drop.

Basic Gentle Warmup Version 1 of 5: Step-by-Step