The Perfect Walk

Learn how to evolve a series of steps in to the perfect sure-footed walk, filled with confidence, charisma, and sex appeal. We will break down and practice two walking sequences, both in basic versions and more ornamented variations. The first half of the program teaches a basic gliding walk that transports you elegantly across the floor at both fast or slow speeds. The second half progresses our basic sequence into increasingly sinuous stylized variations that create magnetic stage presence. For an intensive study, take the workshop in the course of one dance practice, or if you prefer a shorter practice it may also be broken out into two modules. This presentation is chaptered to help you keep your place and easily find or return to the warmup and technique flow segments: to see the chapter menu, hover your mouse over the horizontal bars at the bottom right of your video window. The Perfect Walk is an open level presentation, suitable for dancers (and nondancers!) an any level.

The Perfect Walk Video Bookmarks

00:01:03 narrow base
00:03:46 turnout
00:07:23 brush through
00:10:46 lifted ribcage
00:15:03 finishing details
00:18:08 warmup
00:25:36 First Technique Flow
00:44:03 Part 2 — Stylized Variation Overview
00:46:10 Pushing and Pulling
00:51:33 Extend and Rotate
00:54:30 Twist Variation
00:56:48 Weighted Hip Rotation
01:00:15 Spinal Rotation
01:04:21 Turn-In Variation
01:08:34 Up-Down
01:12:06 Recap

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  1. Tina Madison White says:

    This is wonderful! I have also purchased Beautiful Technique through Prime. Adding two simple lists to the comments would make this video even more helpful: 1. list of the variations covered, named in order. This would be a great checklist for practicing afterwards. 2. A summary of your most important “universal” tips that apply to all variations. For example, to keep the foot moving forward rather than raising it; to keep the foot moving parallel until the turnout. I may take a stab at this myself. Thank you so much for your instruction. You’re very good at what you do! πŸ™‚

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