Liquid Center: “Lessa Faker” Choreography Excerpt 3

Learn and practice vocabulary and transitions in a detailed sequence set to music excerpted from the Egyptian classic “Lessa Faker.” Classwork in this program emphasizes fluid vocabulary in the torso, and contrasts with the more punctuated vocabulary styling in Lessa Faker 1 and 2.

Liquid Center contains a warmup, and runs about 35 minutes.

Bookmarks for Liquid Center

0:00 Demo to camera
:21 Intro
1:26 Demo back to camera
1:42 Warmup
5:56 Technique Flow
27:18 Step-by-Step
32:36 Practice, lead counter-clockwise
34:20 Step-by-step for other side
34:44 Practice, lead clockwise

Music for Liquid Center

The music used for choreography is “Lessa Faker” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 1– Ala Nar by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes.

1:43 “The Fire Circle” from the album Sea Spirits by Jesse Manno
4:59 “Ra Returns” from the album Beautiful Earth by Bella Gaia
8:43 “Sonnet Du Coeur” from the album Underworld by Nightfall Project
18:41 “Inta Omri” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 2 – Inta Omri by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes
23:10 “Enta Wa Bass Instrumental”from the album Oriental Fantasy 08 – Ahabek Ya Amar by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes

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