Absolute Beginner Course: Lesson 3 of 8

Covered in Lesson 3

  • Hip Rotation
  • Hipwork Review
  • Tilting Hip Circle
  • Half Circles
  • Hip Lift Front
  • Footwork Review
  • Back-back-front Step-ball-change
  • Introduction to Arm Pathways

Lesson 3 Video Bookmarks

0:00 Orientations of the Leg/Hip
9:14 Warmup
23:05 Review Technique Flow
37:07 Mechanics of Arm Movement
38:44 Arm Positions Placement Review
41:45 Arm Path Breakdown
44:54 Half-Paths for Arms
46:54 Arms Technique Flow
54:37 Hip Lift Front Breakdown
59:04 Hip Lift Front Troubleshooting
1:00:10 Contrast Lift Front/Lift Side
1:00:59 New Vocabulary Technique Flow
1:08:33 Choreography Review and New
1:10:08 Choreography with Music
1:16:05 Recap

Music Used in Lesson 3

9:26 “Karuna” from the album Star Of The Sea by Stellamara
18:27 “Enta Wa Bass Instrumental”from the album Oriental Fantasy 08 – Ahabek Ya Amar by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes
22:59 “Ya Ain Mulayatain” by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar from the album Bellydance New York
26:40 “Azzuri” from the album Lavender by Middle Earth Ensemble
31:21: “Ala Nar” by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, from the album Oriental Fantasy (Vol.1) – Ala Nar
46:55 “Ra Returns” from the album Beautiful Earth by Bella Gaia
1:01:05 “Ganil Hawa” by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes, from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 2 – Inta Omri by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes
1:10:11 “Alf Leyla Wa Leyla,” from the album Opium by Sherefe

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