“Ismail” Lesson 1 of 6

Today we’re starting at the end, learning the finale of the drum solo. Moving backwards allows us to always start choreography run-throughs with material we just learned. Choreography notes for this lesson are attached to this video. For notes for the full dance (or to see the full dance), please visit Part 8, the last video in this series.

Bookmarks for Ismail Lesson 1

0:01 Technique Flow for Arms
7:01 Technique Flow
22:36 WXYZ Demo
23:31 Z: Demo
23:41 Z: Step-by-Step Breakdown
25:47 Z: Practice
27:46 Y: Demo
28:12 Y: Step-by-Step Breakdown
29:50 Y: Practice
34:08 X: Demo
34:24 X: Step-by-Step Breakdown
35:54 X: Practice
40:02 W: Demo
40:18 W: Step-by-Step Breakdown
42:00 W: Practice
44:52 WXYZ: Practice
49:04 WXYZ: Step-by-Step Flipped
51:13 WXYZ: Flipped Slow Practice

Music Used in Ismail Lesson 1:

0:06 “Ra Returns” from the album Beautiful Earth by Bella Gaia
3: 41 “The Fire Circle” from the album Sea Spirits by Jesse Manno
7:00 “Azzuri” from the album Lavender by Middle Earth Ensemble
11:41 “Ottoman Lobotomy” from the album Kara Nomadica by Kara Nomadica
16:51 “Los Bilbilicos” from the album Oasis by Ensemble Al Asdeka
20:55 “Arania”is from the album Kara Nomadica by Kara Nomadica

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