Author: Autumn Ward

Basic Gentle Warmup Version 2 0

Basic Gentle Warmup Version 2

In theory, version 2–which will have both music and a voiceover–is coming soon. Or maybe “soon.” Autumn swears to you that it is in the production queue. In the meantime, please go with a...


Basic Gentle Warmup: Music Only

Music only. No voice prompts. Nonstop flow format. Music used in this program:0:00 “Los Bilbilicos” from the album Oasis by Al Asdeka4:01 “Pharaonic Passion” from the album Oriental Fantasy Vol. 7, Dances of Pharaonic...


Basic Gentle Warmup: Flipped!

Who starts on the left side? You start on the left side! Use this program if: you’re a lefty and you appreciate a program the starts on your dominant side; you’ve been using different...